Statism In Janesville Wisconsin: Police Distribute ‘no serve’ Alcohol List to Area Businesses



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Kristan T. Harris | July 23. 2013 | 3:16pm

Here come the Lists. Much like the “No Fly List” and soon coming “No job list” we first need a “No serve” list to condition you to accept statism over time .

The Local Janesville Police Department announced today, it has developed and is distributing a “no serve” list to local businesses licensed to sell alcohol. I am wondering on how they plan on enforcing the “no serve”  list.  This is another example of the government telling us what to do. They should have no say on who you serve and what you consume.  Keeping you safe from yourself is an easy key to access the police state mentality.  If we can’t keep drugs out of prison how can they make you safe by making a whole city a prison. These people will most likely go else where to some bar or business who is struggling that will take their money.

The police gave the following reason  “a small percentage of people in the community were consuming an inordinate amount of public safety and medical resources,” according to a news release in the Janesville Gazette. Everyone on the list was notified they were being put on the “no serve” list and that the police department would be asking businesses not to serve them, according to the release.

There is also no mention of  how many people are actually on the list, or how it will be enforced.

Individuals on the “no serve” list have been in three or more calls for police service in a six month period which had alcohol involved. I wonder if this includes playing your music to loud and you had a few beers and the police knock on your door. Is that considered strike 1? I bet it would to a someone you may not “Let in ” to inspect your place or allow them to invade your privacy. I did not know the local police could pass laws with executive control?