St Louis Police Bring Out Military Vehicles

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Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

Bu4N7x1CIAAi6ZQ.jpg largeOver the weekend St Louis Police shot and killed 17 year old  Michael Brown who was unarmed in the city of Ferguson, a suburb of St Louis. People took to the streets and began rioting in protest.

St Louis police are turning to their new military vehicles given to departments across America through the 1033 program.

The Bearcat is a bullet proof medical vehicle used to get wounded soldiers off the battle field.

This should come as no surprise as local police have been acquiring all sorts of military equipment.

A Wisconsin Sheriff even purchased a tank instead of upgrading out of date guns.

Do military vehicles escalate the situation? How do these keep citizens safe?

The internet has been turned off in areas of ST Louis and the FAA has declared Ferguson a no fly zone.

This will handicap the media and journalists in reporting this event in real time.

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