Common Core Government Course teaches Students To “Legalize” Prostitution




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Kristan T. Harris | September 11, 2013 | 12:13 pm

South Milwaukee Common Core curriculum not only now accepts 3×4=11 as an ” ok ” answer but they will now propagandize to your children with pro-prostitution documents. This is all part of Bill Gate’s(Microsoft) funded Common Core program. Regardless on how you feel about legalization of victimless crimes children and teenagers should not be subject to government propaganda under a curriculum not approved by the parents or local community. Standardization teaches our children WHAT to think and not HOW to think for themselves. It removes individual creativity and prepares them for a ambivalent future.

The following documents were donated by a Junior as  ‘news articles” that are encouraged for use under the new CC standards in a South Milwaukee school. So where does this propaganda come from? It all stems from one bill. An Un-American bill. UN-Agenda 21. This bill branches out into globalization (One World Government) Sustainable Development, cataloging DNA and all natural resources, Smart Growth, smart meters, grants for unconstitutional police check points, gun confiscation practices and common core standards.

So where is the money coming from for common core? Bill Gates. I must also mention that Bill Gates father, William Henry Gates Sr,  was  involved with the creation of eugenics group Planned Parenthood, an unbranded organization birthed out of the American Eugenics Society. So if you are curious on why your kids are coming home from school saying things likeThere are to many people in the world” and thatWe need to churn the population because we are using up all the natural resourcesit’s because that is a Bill Gates (Microsoft) belief. He also owns 500,000 shares of Monsanto GMO which has been proven to cause cancerous tumors at an alarming rate in lab tests that have run 2 years or longer. Keep in mind the united states FDA approved GMO’s after only 90 days of testing but will hold on to breakthrough medical cures incredibly long for testing.

It’s also imperatively important I mention that Bill Gates & Monsanto are part of the Nazi founded globalist Bilderberg Group. Who have an endless supply of goons who believe this garbage in think tanks. We actually have original Bilderberg documents thanks to a  Georgetown University and our source with approval you can view them here. It should be also noted our source later received a call from Georgetown university  threatening legal action weeks later after giving approval and he had to remove them. However we still have them on our site! You can view them here

 These document were provided by Talk Show host Vicki Mckenna‘s Facebook.






  • le

    Stop common core This is a bastardized form of “education and is teaching our children things that they don’t need to know. Brainwashing the students and it’s so bad that I will home school children and teach them correctly. NO COMMON CORE EVER

  • terence fidler

    While concern for the health and well-being of the prostitute seems like good idea there are many down falls. Yes they will be afforded police protection,good idea. But the extraordinary tax rates will merely make the Governments their “New PIMPS” The government does not give a shit about anything but money. However, it would also take prostitution off the street and out of the shadows. A hard call, none the less.

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  • “C” section dad

    The Common Core does NO such thing. It makes standards tougher in many of our under-performing states like Texas and Mississippi, where NCLB allowed them to come up with their own low standards. If you want to talk about brainwashing, talk about Fox News and 620 WTMJ, which is obviously where you get this trifle garbage. You don’t want the proven science of climate change taught in the classroom, but you are okay with religion being taught in the public schools…

  • le

    “C” section dad
    You should educate yourself and learn some of the things that are to be taught in this evil “common core” You obviously haven’t researched this enough. Please learn what this is all about and then you will know what an evil program this really is.
    Common Core is not education , it’s indocrination

  • AJR

    This article is very odd. The prostitute article is not from Common Core. The article did not state which standard is being addressed by reading the prostitution article which is obviously from Now Money and the Social Justice Examiner (???). Clearly we cannot guess what the intent is of the student reading this. Perhaps a bit more in depth reporting and less agenda on behalf of the author would help us understand the message. I am completely against the ownership of our food supply by Monsanto and believe Bill Gates is involved. He is clearly involved in privatizing our school system with public tax dollars I just don’t understand the article because so little is backed up by facts. Articles such as these is what makes potentially real ideas about the tyranny of our government hard to believe.