So, You Don’t Care About a Million Dead Iraqis, But Do Care About Broken Windows

Nick Bernabe | ANTIMEDIA

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Is this you? Are you outraged that a few businesses in Baltimore got their windows smashed and a few fires were set? Maybe it’s time to get some perspective into your mass-media-infused knowledge base.

Your government is responsible for over a million deaths, most of which were innocent civilians, since the “War on Terror” was declared in 2001, according to the latest research.

Your government loots ENTIRE COUNTRIES, yet you are mad that people have become violent in response to police violence? Many people would call that self-defense, unlike the offensive wars your government carries out in dozens of countries illegally with your money and in your name


Where is the outrage? When will all the “good Americans” condemn US-sponsored terrorism?

Your Peace-Prize-winning president’s drone war has taken more lives than the entire Spanish Inquisition. But the pressing issue here is a burned down CVS store in Baltimore and a few broken windows, right?


Your government’s police force killed more people in the month of March than the British police have killed in the last 100 years. Where is the condemnation?

When will good Americans confront the racist drug war? When will we condemn the incarceration of millions of victim-less criminals which would be considered slavery and torture if it were being done by those evil brown people in the Middle East? When will we confront the American prison system, which is the largest in the history of mankind?


When will brainwashed Americans confront the REAL thugs consistently? You know, the ones that steal your money, put a gun to your head, conscript your children to $60,000 in debt before they are born, then send them to die in wars for resources. These same looters have created an economic scenario where 80 individuals own more wealth than the other half of the world’s population.

The thugs and looters I’m talking about are Congress, the Executive Branch, the Courts, the cops, and their corporate financiers.


The US government is the biggest thug in the world. Your government looted your entire country’s working class. Where is the outrage and condemnation from good Americans that don’t believe in looting? I guess — for many Americans — a few broken windows smashed by society’s oppressed is more important than a few trillion dollars ripped off by America’s ruling bureaucracy. And forget about those dozens of entire countries destroyed by US-backed conflict; BROKEN WINDOWS GUYS! That’s the real problem.

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