Should College Be Free?


President Obama has proposed a bold plan to cover tuition costs for community college students. How would the U.S. pay for such an expensive program and is it worth it?

A Well-Educated Workforce Is Key to State Prosperity
“Incomes and wages can increase across an economy when productivity—production per capita—increases. States have many tools in their arsenal to increase productivity, including investments in public infrastructure, in technological innovation at public universities and other institutions, and in workers through the education and training systems.”

The Effects of Investing in Early Education on Economic Growth
“By 2080, a national program would cost the federal government approximately $59 billion, but generate enough additional growth in federal revenue to cover the costs of the program several times over.”

Not Looking for Work: Why Labor Force Participation Has Fallen During the Recovery
“More educated workers have higher labor force participation rates. Rising education levels increase labor force participation.”

$1 Trillion Student Loan Problem Keeps Getting Worse

U-turn Of The Century
“From 2006, German states began to introduce tuition fees, yet by the end of this year they will have been abolished.”

Is College Worth It? Clearly, New Data Say

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What Happens If You Don’t Pay Off Your Student Loans?

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