Shawnee Police Send Drone Out For Very First Patrol, Drone Police Force Coming Soon

Will the Majority of Police Jobs in The Future be drone based?

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

Shawnee police are making use of the latest in technology and have sent out their recently acquired drone on its very first patrol. Reports came in of an armed suspect on the loose near a school and law enforcement did not have immediate access to the helicopter, that’s when they decided to send the drone out on its very first mission.

Local police believe it’s to early to tell what else the drone could be used for, but searching for a missing person, a suspect, or searching for survivors are all situations that the department feels the droid will come in handy.

Police departments are inquiring and receiving drones all over the United States, KMBC reports.

At SXSW, at least one drone company demonstrated a “stun gun drone” that eventually will make its way into the law enforcement arsenal.

Look for the use of drones and robots to be the norm in the future. A Knightscope K5 policing drone with a look similar to R2D2 is already patrolling private and public streets.

Its feasible to believe in the near future police will patrol less, and work from some sort of a drone/robot command center.

Meaning, some day soon when you’re stopped by a police drone, you’ll be dealing with a police officer who will make his decision from behind a computer screen, separating him from any immediate danger.


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