Senator Olsen: Common Core Will Never Go Away in Wisconsin, Governor Walker Can’t Say No to Big Donors



Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

According to Adam’s County Chair Richard Church and numerous others interviewed by The Rundown Live, Senator Olsen allegedly told members in the Adams County Caucus that “all the senators are on board” and “Common Core was not going away because Governor Walker never tells his big donors no.

Is this suggesting that corporate donors get what they want no matter how destructive the legislation may be?

Another delegate confirmed telling us that Senator Olsen allegedly went on that “Common Core will never go away in Wisconsin because some of Walker’s biggest supporters want it and he will never tell them no.” Concerned, the individual commented that they where not asking for Scott Walkers position on common core, and reiterated the question asking what Senator Olsens position was on common core. Olsen then suggested that all the senators are on board and he was as well.


Luther Olsen Resolution-2If the claims are true, Senator Olsen would be incorrect in his statement.Senator Leah Vukmir has come out against common core asking to repeal it.

Since the Republican Caucus, the Adams County Branch have withdrawn complete support from Senator Luther Olsen overwhelmingly 26-1. (see press release) Not even allowing him to participate in any local Republican Caucus events such as “pints and politics” “Fair booths” and “summer picnics”.


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