Security Officer Fired after Reporting Shoplifting Police Officer


Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

Dallas Northington has worked at Target in loss prevention for 8 years as a plain clothed security officer roaming the store and scanning surveillance cameras.

A man was allegedly captured twice on video shoplifting.

Northington called the Leesburg police, made a report and provided them the videos of the incidents.


Jahi Chikwendiu/The Washington Post

Northington said his supervisors identified the deputy, and he had provided the man’s name and two color videos of him in action with his face clearly visible, to police.

The man in the video is allegedly a Fairfax County sheriff’s deputy.

The deputy retired from the sheriff’s office within days and Target fired Northington.

Target officials told him that he had ‘violated procedure by not filling out the proper paperwork before contacting the police,’ although he had operated the same way for years and standard practice was for him to act as needed.

He also was told that he had ‘been insubordinate for not seeking approval before calling police.’

Northington said that has made many reports to the Leesburg police in recent years to investigate shoplifters and without filling out any paperwork or seeking permission from a supervisor.

A Leesburg police spokesman said investigators were still trying to confirm the suspect’s identity.

In the first alleged shoplifting, Northington claims he arrived at work and his supervisor said he had noticed the man stick a tube of toothpaste into a bag after already paying for other items.

He said the supervisor “didn’t feel comfortable” confronting the man, who the supervisor “thought was some sort of law enforcement.”

A Leesburg sergeant watched the video and said, “I know who that is,” Northington said.

He said the sergeant also told him, “This is pretty serious” because the man was allegedly in law enforcement.

Northington said, a few days later he was called into the store’s personnel office and suspended for two days.

The next week, he said, he was terminated for “gross misconduct.

Northington said he is considering his legal options.

In my eight years, I’ve never had to call anyone to give out the video or to call police, I have never seen any policy about contacting law enforcement.”

I’m confused and don’t understand why, ….I’ve been there for eight years, no issues. I’m just trying to provide for my family, and I just really want to get back to work.