Scientists Create Real Life Wireless Holodeck

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live 

holodeck_by_acxtreme-d1ots0uStar Trek fans will be enthusiastic to hear German scientists from the Max-Planck-Institute have created a real life ‘holodeck‘ using a device called the wireless Oculus Rift and multiple cameras that can track you down to the nearest millimeter.

The holodeck large scale tracking lab is a 32-foot by 32-foot room armed with VR headsets used to develop everything from redirected walking to quad copter control algorithms.

The system knows exactly where you are, what direction you are going and when you are looking in a specific location.

Distant yet from Star Trek‘sholodeck‘ in the realm of perception, scientists are using different techniques to overcome these obstacles including what is referred to as redirected walking.

3D printing, high end infra-red cameras, a gaming computer, Unity 3 video game engine and a Nvidia 760 graphic video card that can be purchased at your local store are the main ingredients behind the engine of this project.