Scientific Transhumanism Conference Announced for 2015, Breakthrough Technology to be Announced

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

brinkA conference is set to bring scientific transhumanists together in Palm Springs, June 5-7 for BRINK, to share some major proclamations in medtech and demos of breakthrough technology.

“I’m hosting a gathering of technologists, futurists, journalists and financial experts in Palm Springs, CA June 5-7 to discuss/announce imminent technological/scientific/medical breakthroughs in alzheimer’s, cancer, consciousness, strong AI, robotics, clean energy plus more and the part that funding and media play in moving these advances forward.”, Celia Black founder of the BRINK Institute published on her facebook today.

The conversations will be lead by Washington Post’s Neely Tucker and Steve Ramos (Fast Co) will help moderate panels.

A Private film screening of Ex Machina & discussion on strong AI w/ Microsoft Research’s Jim Karkanias will follow the panels.

The movie Ex Machina is an intellectual thriller about a female robot with artificial intelligence under observation of a top scientist who is responsible for declaring if the droid has true consciousness.

This event website touts “over thirty of the world’s leaders and innovators in science and technology, along with top decision makers from global business and investment communities, biotechnology, entertainment, robotics, environmental tech, communications tech, internet and social media innovation for this premium conference, convening June 5 – 7, 2015 at the Marriott Renaissance Hotel in Palm Springs, California.”

An up to date list of speakers involved in this conference can be found here.


Zoltan Istvan, presidential candidate for the Trans-humanist party joined us on the Rundown Live and also will be in appearance at this conference.

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