Raid Takes Deer From Shelter, Euthanizes it



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Kristan T. Harris | August 01. 2013 | 12:13 pm



In the video below  Ray Schulze described a SWAT  team like raid on a local Kenosha, Wisconsin animal shelter that held a  faun. The faun was brought in by a family worried about her safety. The family believed the faun to be abandoned.  The deer was slated to go to a wild life preserve in Illinois the next day that allows rehabilitation of deer. It is illegal to shelter wildlife animals in the State of Wisconsin.  

9 DNR agents and 4 sheriff deputies raided the animal shelter and bagged the deer.  Ray  asked “why would  you put the baby faun in a body bag and carry  her out over your shoulder like that”. The police responded it was policy. Ray replied “Thats one hell of a policy”.  

The deer was later euthanized  the deer at an undisclosed location.

The question asked is what did this operation cost tax payers?  Why not make a phone call? This is police state style terror. This type of action is conditioning you for statism. To be afraid of the government. They are keeping you safe from getting killed by “possible” disease by killing.  We need to come to our senses. 

It was like a SWAT team,” shelter employee Ray Schulze said.



  • rex

    So sad. What have we become to be able to kill a orphaned baby animal like this. What human can look down at this poor animal and put a killing agent into its body and watch it just die.

  • Merryl

    Very sad. Almost brought tears to my eyes.

  • this is terrible. Why did these “law men” do such a thing. Don’t they have any heart. This is an instance of cops just blindly following orders. They would do the same if ordered to kill kids or people . Use you brain and defy orders that go against your own moral code. Killing this faun was criminal and just like murder, PLEASE understand that people who were tried and convicted and hung or shot didn’t do anything but follow orders. I would rather stand for a firing squad than to blindly follow unethical orders. How about you? Join me in a verbal protest.

  • Joe

    And they vote too!

    Lucky thing that the shelter people did’nt have pie shaped wepons

  • Jenifer Supervisor Of Public Resources says wild animals must be killed because of their “Potential” danger.
    The expense of a helicopter (to take pictures of this fawn) and an armed unit going on a raid to kill a fawn that was slated to go to a no kill place to live her life in peace.
    is disgusting. There was no “Potential” danger with this fawn.
    I am outraged that this one woman can order something as stupid and costly as this. She must be replaced at once and hire someone who will protect and sustain the wildlife–not destroy it…