The Rundown Live Launches MerchQuake2014 IndieGoGo Crowd Sourcing Campaign


Mike & I for over a year now have delivered some of the best citizen journalism out there. Over the past year, you the listener and reader have made The Rundown Live a success. Through your continued support and sharing we have been able to establish the show as a credible media source and bring news to over 1 million people.

Since our beginning our information has been sourced by many mainstream outlets both liberal and conservative including Msnbsc, Drudge Report, Infowars, Rawstory, Realfarmacy and many other top traffic news sites.

People often ask “how they can get involved?” and support us. Our answer has always been the same. Use the talents you have to spread liberty and the idea of freedom. Some people write articles, some write music, others send videos and many dont have time to contribute. Now there is a way everyone can help.

Contribute as little as 5$ to The Rundown Live IndieGoGo Campaign. Your money will not only get you Rundown Live gear, but the proceeds will go to expand our operation and promote liberty through fashion at a affordable prices.

We wanted it to be simple in launching “The Rundown Live Merchandise Store”. We have always been supported and funded by our listeners so we figure why stop now.  All profits will go back into spreading liberty and the idea of free press journalism and gear. In 2014 Alternative media is the news and if you want free and honest journalism we need your support!

Support truth in media and make a contribution to our IndieGoGo campaign and get awesome gear. We have a goal is to raise 500$ in 40 days. We are already 10% of the way to our goal with 39 days left!

We also offer business packages for those interested in using our platform to advertise their product. 

All shirts come with Babylonian Mystery Religion logo on the front and The Rundown Live on the back.

This shirt is to be used as a educational piece.

Available in male and female shirts and hoodie designs. All sizes available