Ronda Rousey Thinks 9/11 was an Inside Job

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

America’s Favorite Female Badass May Also Be Major Conspiracy Theorist

On an appearance on Joe Rogan’s Podcast back in 2011, she was asked about conspiracy theories.

One of which was 9-11, where Rogan’s co-host asked “inside job or not” in which Ronda replied “inside job.”

Rousey was also asked about UFO’s which she replied “real.”

Turns out shes not much of a bigfoot fan though.

Audio starts at 1:55:35:

Social commentator Mark Dice on Ronda Rousey being a “conspiracy theorist.”

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  • DMoThePatsFan

    She’s a fighter, not a scholar. Her shared opinion with the originators of that blinded corrupt theory has been debunked for almost a decade. i.e who cares what Ronda Rousey thinks on the greater operations of the world events?

    • Mike B

      Debunked or just you never looked at it and decided to ignore it? Tell me again how two planes brought down three buildings? How a jetliner fit into a several meter small hole in the Pentagon?

      • Jet fuel fires burn unusually hot, and engineers believe the fire may have led to temperatures as high as 1,600 degrees Celsius (2,900 degrees Fahrenheit).

        At temperatures above 500 degrees Celsius, steel loses its strength and “turns to Play-doh,” said engineer Ted Krauthammer, of Penn State University in University Park, Pennsylvania.

        Hey @sshole, your photo is there for everyone to see and to discern who you are, stop desecrating the memory of those lost. Shut your mouth and crawl away!

    • Agreed. Its time to stop asking these half whit celebrities their opinions on the major issues of the day. Ronda Rousey was 14 years old on 9/11 and offered a mere two word answer without the benefits of an explanation. She’s paid to get hit in the head and not think with it. Yes she talks a lot and is easy on the eye but aside from fighting that is ALL you get from her.

  • Mike B

    Maybe that’s because 9/11 WAS an inside job. The official story has more holes than swiss cheese. Not even the DOJ would stamp it with an indictment for Bin Laden.

    • Right like JFK was killed by LBJ and the US government invented crack to kill blacks!

    • The best evidence that 9/11 was anticipated if not an actual “Inside Job”? — Every single theft of our liberties and abrogation of our Constitution since that infamous day.