Robots that can Kill Without Human Control are Coming

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

PETMAN_sees_youAngela Kane, the UN’s high representative for disarmament, is leading a charge to ban “killer robots”. Kane said, there is a “great deal of concern” around robots that are being developed to commit war crimes.

The senior UN official believes that battlefield robots that can kill without human control need to be regulated and prevented from entering war zones.

“Any weapon of war is terrible, and if you can launch this without human intervention, I think it’s even worse. It compounds the problem and dehumanises it in a way.”


“It becomes a faceless war and I think that’s really terrible and so to my mind I think it should be outlawed. The decision is really in the hands of the states who have the capability to develop them.”

Ms Kane said: “There’s a great deal of concern about the increasing automation that’s going on in general. Just think about these self-driving cars that we hear are being tested on the roads. So that is only just a small step to develop weapons that are going to be activated without human intervention. Warfare in general is becoming increasingly automated.”