Robot Spider Army Responds to Hand Signals Using New Intel Processor

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

A robot spider army that can be controlled by body gestures and hand movements has been developed by Intel. The droids are powered by a new Intel processor known as Curie, a tiny computer no bigger than a penny.

In the video Intel CEO Brian Krzanich controls the four spider-bots with a smart wristband waving his hand in specific motions.

‘Today, I want to show you another example of Curie,’ he explained.

‘We put together a small wristband that can be used and has Curie on it.’

‘We connected Curie to these robots, spider-bots we call them, and they are talking to each other.’

‘My motions will control them.’ The Intel CEO lifted his hand and the androids sprang to life.

‘They’re excited to be here today’.

‘Here’s my favorite bit, I’ve got make sure I do this right’, he said, before pumping his fist in the air- causing the spiders to imitate him.

‘This is just the beginning our work with Curie’, he said.’The curie wristband can understand motion, and actually interpret if you’re running, walking of swimming,’ said Krzanich

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