Richmond Police To Review Actions In ‘Shamrock The Block’ Video

RICHMOND, VA—Richmond Police say an incident highlighted in a viral video at Saturday’s Shamrock the Block that has some asking if police went too far will be fully reviewed.

The video shows Richmond Police officer R. E. Davidson contain a person when a second man, Jason Dotson, walks over and says something.

8News spoke with Dotson who says he was questioning why police had handcuffed his brother and says he was pointing and saying “that’s not right.”

Dotson says Officer Davidson then attacked him and put him in a choke hold while another officer struck him with a baton.

In the video, Dotson can be heard saying “stop.” Dotson tells 8News when the situation escalated, he was defending himself from what he claims was an out of control police officer.

The video show the two men wrestle to the ground; at one point, the Dotson ends up on top of Officer Davidson and appears to strike him.

Dotson was later taken into custody after the lengthy tussle. Dotson tells 8News he’s consulting with an attorney about filing a lawsuit against the officer.

Major Scott Booth with the Richmond Police Department said the video shows just one component of the event, but said the incident will be fully reviewed.

“We review all of our use of force incidents,” said Major Scott Booth with the Richmond Police Department.

“In this case, when a video comes forward, certainly that changes things; we have that side, which we don’t always have, so that is going to be part of our investigation,” said Major Booth.

According to the Richmond Police Department’s Use of Force policy, officers are supposed to minimize the escalation of force by first using verbal commands, but police policy also says “reasonable force may be necessary when situations can not be controlled.”

The videos have gone viral on YouTube, and some are calling it police brutality.

The Richmond Police Department posted the following statement on its Facebook page: “The Richmond Police Department is aware of the arrests that occurred Saturday, and any incident such as this is reviewed by the Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility.”