Rep. Justin Amash Proposes Amendment To Defund NSA Program Gaining Support Quickly

*UPDATE* 7/24/13 7:08PM


The Rundown Live 8pm Central Time | Milwaukee’s Alternative Free Press News

Kristan T. Harris | July 24. 2013 | 1:16pm

Justin Amash has proposed an amendment that defunds the NSA. He has over 40 co-sponsors split evenly between republicans and democrats.  The bill would cut funding to any NSA program which violates our constitutional rights.  You need to call your local congressman and tell them enough is enough!  (Instructions how to located below)

Contact them immediately as this is time sensitive issue.  Call them. Tell them to stand with Justin Amash or they will not get your vote in the next election. This is a bi-partisan issue and we need to make our voices heard. We do not want our tax money used to spy on us or lie to us!

They use it to give you false information and mislead you. The CIA openly puts false propaganda and promotional propaganda on tv and in our media to keep away from reality. It says they can in the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 part of the 2013 NDAA update.  (The bill that lets Obama have a kill list)

We do not need the government  making decisions and monitoring behaviors to keep us safe from ourselves and terrorists. If it comes to living in a prison to keep me safe or facing the danger myself. I will take living freely and facing the danger myself every time. Privacy is freedom.

It is your decision what information you want your friends to know about you. It is your decision on what you family and neighbors know about you. Your decision and no one else’s. They have suspicion let them go get a warrant.

The other fact is at some time in our lives we all commit a crime. The NSA will have this information and can randomly hand out justice. How about blackmail judges, leaders, politicians.  Lets do the right thing! Contact you congressman today!  Oh by the way of course the “White house Denounced it” who rarely comments on bills.


Justin tweeted yesterday “Do Members of Congress want to go on record supporting unconstitutional, blanket collection of all Americans’ phone records? We’ll find out.”


This would be a huge dagger in the heart of statism and a win for liberty. Fight for freedom.






  • Robert

    I would love to reference the title of this amendment in my conversation with my representative. What is it?

    • Lucy

      Well, it’s not anything specific indicated on the video or on the article, but it’s based on the NSA’s attempt to obtain phone records of any Americans without cause, in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution against unreasonable search and seizure.

      So, if you want to reference that, you may!