Quota Systems Create Criminals: Atlanta Police Tells Officers Their Raises Will Be Tied To Ticket Revenue!

The Rundown Live | Milwaukee’s Alternative Free Press News
Kristan T. Harris | June 26. 2013 |



The police are now going to be put on commission. I wonder if a law could work more in favor of a crooked police officer? Ill let you decide. Lets not forget FBI crime statistics show you are 7 times more likely to die from police brutality than a terrorist attack. 4 years ago they decided to change our local police training’s from “shoot to disarm” to ” shoot to kill”. Dead people do not get a fair trial nor do they speak about loose ends and constitutional violations. Lets not forget they may blow the whistle on a corrupt government.

wsbtv reports:


“The mayor’s office issued an official statement to police officers, indicating that their ability to burden drivers with traffic tickets will get them financial incentives. Their pay raises depend on it.

“Future pay increases are in our hands,” said the email from the Police Union president, Ken Allen.While the mayor’s office claims that there will be no increases in the way police ticket drivers, common sense would suggest otherwise.

A police insider said that the system creates an indirect quota system. Quota systems, and financial incentives like this, cause police officers to “create criminals” when there may be none. It encourages aggressive, punitive enforcement of arbitrary infractions, so that the officers will get rewards.


In short, it is a direct transfer of money from the drivers’ wallets into the cops’ paychecks. Some people call that highway robbery. ”

Lets not forget Tom Barret’s Milwaukee was rated #2nd in the police beat down division last year. In my opinion, undoubtedly a contributing factor to the stress is having a skeleton police force do to UN Agenda 21 bill for sustainable development/Smart Growth adopted by Milwaukee.


Smart Growth & Sustainable Development  drain local “General Funds”  used to pay for our police force and redirects it to sustainable development leaving our funds empty. No money to clean the parks, pay the police , hospitals and fireman. Then they offer them a grant to do unconstitutional trainings (Usually UN grant) and the departments thrilled with hours for their men.They hear the bell like Pavlov’s Dogs.


Pretty soon we will be like Mexico where you will have to pay the police to not jail you or take your children. If you dont see the slippery slope with this idea then i guess you need to understand that less government = more freedom.  Privacy is Freedom. Another example would be Edward Snowden’s indictment. This would prove the American Patriot undoubtedly is the enemy.

This whole idea will prevent local cities from making cuts where the spending is most wasteful and encourage more tickets to taxpayers already going through a great depression. They will continue their crony ways and glutteny while not worrying about a budget and the tax payers dollar. This is total oppression and tyranny of government like our generations have never scene.