Putin & Russia

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Russia became the third-largest military spender in the world in 2014, and has plans to increase that expenditure. Why is Putin ramping up Russia’s weapons system?

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Vladimir Putin’s 15 Years In Power: 5 Ways Russia Has Changed
“Vladimir Putin took over for former Russian President Boris Yeltsin in a surprise ceremony just before the new millennium on New Year’s Eve 1999 and he’s been in a position of power ever since, either as president or prime minister. So what’s changed?”

Who Is Mr. Putin?
“But in the years Putin has been in power we have seen almost no additional information provided about his background beyond what is available in early biographies.”

SIPRI Fact Sheet: Trends In World Military Expenditure, 2013
“A pattern has been established in recent years whereby military spending has fallen in the West-that is, in North America, Western and Central Europe, and Oceania-while it has increased in other regions.”

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How Powerful Is Russia?

Why Are Russia And Ukraine Fighting?

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