PSC Refuses Aid to People Sickened by Smart Meters


Charyl Zehfus | Stop Smart Meters Wisconsin

Not only does the PSC rubber-stamp substantial rate hikes, but it also fails to uphold the federal Americans with Disabilities Act in disputes. The top state authority must uphold ADA in all its duties, but refuses to do so. Customers with radio frequency sickness are routinely denied access to safe non-transmitting analog meters, despite meeting all the 2008 ADA requirements for accommodation or submitting doctors’ letters requesting the accommodation.

RF sickness is a biological environmental impairment caused by too much wireless radiation exposure. Like individuals with latex or peanut sensitivities, people with RF sickness need to mitigate RF exposures to improve. According to the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, other conditions to benefit from replacing smart meters include Parkinson’s disease, ALS, paresthesia, dizziness, headaches/sleep disruption, cardiac issues, immune diseases, cancers and developmental problems.

So what can a concerned consumer do about the PSC’s abuse of power?

— We can push for restructuring that makes the PSC responsive to consumers by ending their direct funding by the utilities. Fund them via the general budget with oversight of consumer complaints by state consumer protection advocates.

— We can promote the proposed “Wisconsin Utility Consumers Health, Safety and Privacy Protection Act” to investigate numerous smart meter problems, and allow consumer choice.

— We can ask a higher authority to enforce accountability, as I do with my current federal ADA case against the PSC and utilities for failing to provide the necessary accommodation.