Protesters Drop Banner on Monday Night Football & Bank of America on Live TV

Kristan T Harris | The Rundown Live

Protesters interrupt Monday night football game to protest Bank of America’s funding of a natural gas facility.

(Charlotte, NC) – The NFL has upped its security over the past several years requiring attendees to bring all personal belongings in clear plastic bags and yet protesters breached security with climbing equipment at Bank of America stadium during Monday nights Carolina Panthers football game.

It is still unclear how the individuals were able to avoid security with the abundance of equipment.

It also goes to show you how no amount of security can keep you safe. Two activists from the group We Are Cove Point rappelled from the Panthers’ stadium rafters to hang a banner reading “BOA Dump Dominion.” The protesters called on Bank of America to stop financing of the  Dominion Cove Point natural gas facility. The protesters website says the arrangement a “bad deal for people and the planet.”

The activists were eventually lowered and apprehended by local police.

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