Prolific – the Grind

Video Info + Lyrics:

Artist: Prolific (

Music Producer: Anno Domini (

Scratches: Prolific

Video Production: N!ko Stupin (

Verse 1:
Welcome to the hip hop game,
Oh, you think you know it but this shit’s all changed,
See no one care about your rick ross chain,
and your big, plans to live off fame,
this game is cut throat, it’s been like that for while,
Catch a mean mug at a show for cracking a smile,
huh…… so don’t expect to be accepted,
expect to be rejected detested and sent a death wish,
Learn to love the hate, and then deflect it,
or better yet dissect it – so you can redirect it,
…..and understand that the industry’s a battlefront,
so here’s a word of advice for when you battle son,
you better be kicking it better than any mc – gripping a mic,
…and give it some bite, so every syllable hits like a physical fight,
…. you leave em in critical, then be clinical like a criminal psych,
leaving a pitiful image of those that use to stand at a pinnacle height,
Verse 2:
I used to wonder why I never got opening shows,
…losing gigs to bitch-mcs that nobody knows…. (fuck)
….But then I learned promoters ain’t into press kits,
….their mainly into money and promoting their friend’s shit,
…So your best move is knocking down doors,
breaking into clubs through hollowed out floors,
…You make a scene – so every name’ll understand,
that regardless where you stand you can take the upper hand…
…Now that’s the politics, and that’s a part of it,
but I recommend that you don’t forget the art of it…..
Cuz as the music goes – your the one that’s liable,
…plus to have a shot the skillz have to be undeniable,
….Samples as gritty as Anno Domini’s,
—-to make tracks that can hold down a capital city…
And to top it off — you have to build this yourself,
……Regardless of the shit you’ve been dealt.