Project Blue Beam: Scientists Project Movie in the Sky

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

22A five-year research program labeled Project Nimbus has succeeded in projecting a movie of a galloping horse onto clouds in the sky.

“The experimental projection devices fuse old and new methods developed from ubiquitous technology, the project authors say.

The program developers describe their purpose as an exploration into natural and artificial cloud projection, but that’s not all.

The project aims to deliver multiple projection installations also onto cooling towers, steam trains and urban vents, the Project Nimbus team claims.

On the fourth of July the team of scientists presented to a sold out crowd of 250, with the aim to inspire others to take up the new projection technology.

Laser-Zoopraxiscope“Dave Lynch and Mike Nix, presented the findings at Leeds Museum on the 4th of July, to a sold out audience of 250.  The talk showcased the experimental prototypes, tactics and techniques, alongside the highs, lows and serendipity of interdisciplinary ways of working, collaborative research and play.  Their aim to sharing their process as a model for best practice to inspire others.”, the research website details.

Just one month prior the creators pulled off a world first by projecting moving images directly onto clouds from an aircraft.

“Our journey takes us from the initial inspiration of a US Military projection weapon through a series of prototypes developed through conversation and collaboration, pilots, scientists, makers, early cinema specialists, weapons experts, cultural theorists. artists, sailors and cloud appreciators.  All leading to a series of successful flights with the Laser Zoopraxiscope Mk6, a redesign of Edweard Muybridges’ projection technology from 1887 repurposed with a laser light source.”

The research started in 2007 when Lynch came across a military paper entitled Non-lethal Weapons: Terms and Reference by Robert Bunker detailing work on weapons since the Vietnam War.

Lynch details how his inspiration came from one of the plots that involved projecting an ancient god onto the clouds over an enemy city (whose public communications had been seized) in order to terrify the citizens. This is detailed on page 17 of Robert Bunkers military paper.


5966The US Military program that the Project Nimbus team is referring to could have its roots in NASA’s rumored Project Blue Beam.

Project Blue Beam has been a popular fringe topic creating much conversation among critical thinkers. The internet is full of theories on what the technology will be used for. Everything from faking the return of Jesus Christ in the sky to faking a War of the Worlds type scenario in order to bring about a one-world totalitarian socialist government.

Canadian Journalist Serge Monast claimed in his book, Project Blue Beam (NASA) published in 1994, that NASA, with the help of the United Nations, was attempting to implement a New Age religion with the Antichrist at its head and start a New World Order, via a technologically simulated Second Coming of Christ. Detailed below after the military documents.

Talk radio show host and researcher William Cooper echoed Monast’s concern and even warned of a fake alien invasion in the 1990’s while broadcasting over the airwaves.

“while gathering information from my friends in the intelligence community what I discovered was amazing . What I discovered ladies and gentlemen is that there has been a plan in existence since about 1917 and probably before that to create an artificial extraterrestrial threat to this earth on order to create a one-world totalitarian socialist government.”




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