President Obama and a Third Term: Could we really put it past him?

Tim O’Keefe | Waking Up Wisconsin 

“I think I could win”

President Obama made this controversial statement during his speech to the African Union on Tuesday. This is not the first time Obama has teased the notion of running for a third-term, which is why his comments are justifiably disconcerting.  Throughout his presidency, Obama has utilized every executive privilege at his disposal to move his agenda forward, with or without the approval of congress, and has garnered the criticism of many Americans who liken him to a third-world dictator.

Among a long list of unprecedented power-grabs, Obama has attempted to redefine the role of President of the United States and to broaden its range of authority. With these things in mind, one could understand why his ‘3rd term’ statement is raising eyebrows.

Obama acknowledged that he is not legally permitted to serve a third term, but with a track record like his, the notion seems disturbingly feasible.

“I actually think I’m a pretty good president, I think if I ran, I could win. But I can’t. So there’s a lot that I’d like to do to keep America moving, but the law is the law.”

Obama does what he wants:

To be fair, Obama didn’t just come out of the gates campaigning for a third term. In context, he was addressing the African Union about corruption in government, and suggesting that African governments consider limiting term lengths. For once, his comments on the potential for a ‘third term’ were applicable to the subject.  Nevertheless, Obama has carved a reputation to warrant skepticism from his critics.

Although it is highly unlikely that Obama would attempt to pull off a stunt like this, it wouldn’t be unlike him to try. Sure, he admits that doing so would be unconstitutional, but he says that all the time! Usually, directly before turning around and doing exactly what he previously admitted he couldn’t do.

Obama admits he does not have constitutional authority to declare Executive Amnesty

Obama blatantly lies about the NDAA

Obama trashes the constitution – Libya

Obama pretty much does whatever he wants, whether opposed or unopposed by congress, he has a knack for getting his way. Some people on Facebook are speculating that Obama will somehow change the laws to legally re-elect himself, but I do not think that is a realistic possibility. First off, even if he did, his approval ratings are not indicative of a good president, never mind a strong candidate – but beyond that, I still have enough faith in the people that I can’t envision us going along with that voluntarily. The only reasonable condition which would allow for a third term is a major crisis.

If the US could be placed into a sustained state of National Emergency, the elections could be postponed indefinitely.

In the more likely scenario that Obama will cooperatively exit office in Jan. ’17, we can rightfully expect that the liberal agenda will continue via Clinton, Bush, or whichever establishment salesman is selected to replace him.

There is no doubt that he would love to get a 3rd term, but he is in luck because electing Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush would be no different than re-electing Obama.

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