Politician Sent Hologram to 1400 Campaign Rallies of Himself, U.S. to Follow

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

hologramaticNarendra Modi Prime Minister of India got creative while on the campaign trail in India. He sent a hologram of himself to over 1400 rallies across the nation helping him win in his election.

Modi recorded in a studio and then broadcast live via satellite to stages set up around India, according toMusion’s website.

The company behind Mr. Modi’s 3D hologram success, Hologram USA,  intends to bring a digital 3D projection to campaign near you.

The company has opened an office in Washington D.C. and has recently acquired Jeffrey Taylor, former chief of staff for former Republican Representative David McIntosh, as their lobbyist.

He believes candidates will use holograms in substitute of themselves, and he is going after the Republican and Democratic National committees first, According to Bloomberg Businessweek .

The official website states – “HologramUSA is a joint venture between FilmOn Networks and Das Musion Hologram. A company set up to license and exploit over 168 patented techniques of 3D and Holographic services across all platforms in North America.” 

Nobody remembers the ads that they saw an hour ago. But everyone remembers the Tupac Hologram from the Coachella concert. It is hard to believe that was two years ago in 2012″.

HologramUSA also has a plan to bring back historical speeches in the new 3D live digital platform, including  Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy.

The first hologram seen on TV was beamed on stage during a CNN news update. Jessica Yellin was projected into the studio from Chicago.