Man Asked to Leave Church for Filming Police

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

Police have been patrolling inside a Virginia Church according to local church goer. Adam attends Blue Ridge Church with his girlfriend and told The Rundown Live :

A month ago I noticed a fully armed police officer standing in the church”.

 Curious, Adam emailed his pastor at Blue Ridge Church asking why there was a continued police presence. Blue Ridge responded that the police were present for “the safety of the preschoolers“.

virgpoliAdam expressed his concern on air “are preschoolers are being threatened?”

What crime was going on in the church that solicits this police officer?

Frustrated, Adam began recording and filming the police in his church the following week.

Officers noticed Adam recording they huddled together and discussed the situation.

Shortly after, Adam was approached by the preacher’s wife. “She told me that if I was recording police officers that I would have to go“.

I’ve been going for 2 years and now I feel like I can no longer attend Blue Ridge Church anymore, …The money and time I’ve invested in the church has blown back in our face“.

According to Adam, no tickets have been issued as far as he knows.

We have seen police tail people they deem suspicious home and even raid their homes with little or no evidence.

The church is also a 501c3 church which government resources are allocated to and then in turn they will find a pastor who is afraid to speak the truth because of the IRS and losing 501(c)(3) status.

Here is Adam’s call into The Rundown Live (27:06):