Police Shoot Dog, Hit House

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Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

Police say someone called 911 to report a vicious dog on the loose.

Police say the caller told them a black lab had chased a young boy up a tree.

The responding officer said the dog charged him, and that is when he fired three times, allegedly hitting the dog twice.

Dustin Cranston owns the black lab.

He said his dog has never been aggressive and doesn’t know how the dog got out of his fenced in backyard.

Echo is the sweetest dog there is. My favorite memories with her are going on hikes in Colorado, I was in a beautiful place with a beautiful dog

Cranston was in the back yard working when he heard police shooting at his dog.

He is also angry with police for using what he calls “excessive force“, but also the officer’s bullets hit his fence and home.

I mean bullets can ricochet, there were people out here watching everything going on and anyone could have been hit,”

The dog’s owner says he was surprised to find out that his dog was still alive.

I know I’ve learned one thing for sure. I will make sure every gate is locked and I’m keeping my dog inside so there is no way someone can let her out

Cranston is trying to get his dog back home and started a facebook page to get support.