Police officer will “Shoot you in the head” – Open Carry Stop


Mike Paczesny


Gun rights activists all across the country are being harassed for legally carrying weapons. Shook down and sometimes assaulted and even murdered.

In this clip the officer stats “Why are you doing this, because you can?” “You are making things worse for the 2nd amendment.”

Well to that Mr. Officer I’d like to reply, you are making things worse for FREEDOM.

The officer threatened twice to shoot two different citizens in the head if they moved their hands.

They were legally carrying and this stop was extremely bad example of how a police officer should carry out his duty.

If you want to contact the Neenah police department about this stop you can contact them here:

2111 Marathon Ave, Neenah, WI
(920) 886-6000



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  • the police are MORE concerned in their safety and authority over you then they are about YOUR safety and authority over them,,, the 2nd amendment is to PROTECT YOUR SELF FROM GOVERNMENT.. THE POLICE NEED TO BE SURROUNDED AND DISARMED EVERY TIME THEY TRY TO DISARM A CITIZEN…

  • American_Dad

    These guys should have been let go after they have been IDed, and confirmed that there is no criminal record in the system. The lecture and browbeating was unnecessary and stupid. If you don’t exercise your rights (as the cop is saying you shouldn’t) you will lose them. Fear of the afraid is NOT a valid argument!

  • It is a shame that the cop says ,”I’ll shoot you in the head” “That’s the world we live in” Is this the USSA or worse?

    Are cops that afraid of citizens? Maybe if they weren’t constantly enforcing victimless crimes, people would still respect them. Maybe if they didn’t protect their brother bullies it could be a position of honor.

    True, it may not be the best idea to walk around carrying a long rifle, but the cop should be smart enough to see this man was not moving or holding in an aggressive manner, nor hiding under skimask or showing any other signs of threat. The cop could murder and get away with it, but a conceal carry citizen would not shoot first without worry of consequence.
    As a society I feel we are safer with more guns in responsible hands, and courts that are fair(if you commit murder, you go to prison, even if you wear a badge). 1 out of 2 is better than 0.