Police, FBI Set Up Roadblocks Around Entire Michigan Town

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Leads to the murder of 14-year-old have dried up in the Village of Armada, Michigan.

So Police and the FBI set up roadblocks checking everyone entering and leaving the area, but claimed it was a “rolling canvas.

Police set up the blocks for nearly 3 hours.

After questioning drivers and passengers, authorities marked an “X” on their hands.

Even though authorities blocked all traffic going in and out of the town, they refused to call it a roadblock.

According to Click On Detroit:

Tips have slowed to a trickle in the case since Wednesday. Both Michigan State Police and the FBI served a search warrant in connection with the Millsap case at a home in Wales Township. Two men were at the home and police took out clothing, computers and a variety of other items, including 15 marijuana plants.

Armada Chief of Police Howard Smith says the “rolling canvas” was successful, but didn’t say if there were any actual new leads to the teen’s murder.