Police Department’s Taser Policy Questioned


A pair of Connecticut men who were tased by police in May, claims he and his passenger were unfairly treated by city police.

Officer Raynick Vasquez was parked in a commuter lot and was on the lookout for a vehicle driven by someone involved in a domestic incident. He noticed a similar vehicle that was driving slowly and veering from left to right.

Officers asked the passenger for his identification as the driver turned on his cell phone recorder and recorded the incident.

While putting him in handcuffs, Officer Erik Simonson gave Hess several commands to stop resisting and used short strikes to Hess’ face and back with a closed fist, he states in his report. When those didn’t work, he delivered two knee strikes to Hess’ left shoulder and one errantly struck the side of his head, at which point he was able to get Hess’ left hand behind his back and into the handcuffs.

Hess went to MidState Medical Center several days later. According to his medical records, he suffered a facial fracture or what’s called a ‘blowout fracture.’ This occurs when the eye is struck and the force against the eye causes the floor of the eye socket (orbit) to break. He also had bruising in the abdomen.

Hess denied being under the influence of narcotics and denied that he refused a urine test for drugs.Taser

Meriden police are not to use electronic control weapons such as tasers on someone who is passively resisting. Video shows him refusing officers commands but not actively resisting.

Police spokesman Lt. Salvatore Nesci said when Parrish leaned away from Witkin as he was being pulled out, he crossed the line from passively to actively resisting and use of a taser was consistent with department policy.

But people are going to take it different ways,” Nesci said.

Three deaths by taser have occurred in Meriden, and one death followed this incident.
Concern is growing over the department’s use of those devices. Policy states that they are not supposed to use electronic control weapons on someone who is passively resisting.

Meriden Police issued the following statement:

If Mr. Hess or Mr. Parrish feel that they have been treated unfairly they have the option of filing a citizens complaint. It is the policy of the  Meriden Police Department to accept and investigate any such complaints.Meriden taser policy



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