Police Becoming More Aggressive

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

Police confronted a man, armed and barricaded in his home,  military vehicles with turrets and sharpshooters were positioning in the neighborhood.

The man refused to stand down, and allegedly said he was going to “shoot“, police forced entry and claimed the man was armed as he was shot.

Two days later, the tanks showed up in another residential neighborhood, less than a mile from where the man was shot.DHS-homeland-security-police-rescue-MRAP-black-600x350

This time, police spent more than six hours trying to talk a man wanted for false imprisonment and sexual battery, out of his home.

He was eventually gassed out.

Police are outfitted with enough body armor to withstand high-powered rifle shots and explosions, and carry enough weaponry to overpower most threats.

When I saw it, I thought somebody’s gonna die, They going to war or something?” a neighbor told the Miami Herald.

The information you are requesting regarding the deployment, use and criteria is information that is sensitive in nature and cannot be discussed,” Detective Elena Hernandez said.

After several requests for information, county police owned up to having purchased three of the machines, two SuperBear Coms and a Bearcat.

Police agencies spent an abundance of Homeland Security money on unnecessary militarized vehicles.