Police are Preparing for Battle

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

Armored vehicles that protected American troops have made their way back home.

The Pentagon has given $4 billion worth of military equipment to local police forces, tactical gear, to weapons, to those mine resistant vehicles known as MRAPs.

The Pentagon wants to unload 13,000 mine-resistant, ambushed-protected trucks, so they’re literally giving them away.

It is a dangerous trend that is almost surely leading to more desperation and violence. The intimidation factor alone of this vehicle showing up to a police call could escalate the situation greatly.


 “I don’t expect to see insurgents with RPGs, I don’t expect to see roadside bombs. Our only concern is people with guns.”

The $650,000, 5-mile-to-the-gallon MRAP, came free of charge through a defense department program that transfers surplus equipment to state and local police departments.

Nearly 200 law enforcement agencies added armored vehicles to their fleets in 2013.

Let it be known that they aren’t completely tax free vehicles as they have to be fueled and maintained.

As well as certain department using drug seizure money to pay for their new toys.

So let me get this straight, the FEDS pay you to arrest street level dealers, now they give you armored tanks to do it, and you still think you are helping the community?

Driving a TANK down the road of the midwestern united states is a cause for alarm and resistance.

Not to mention they are also putting these at colleges around the country.

Seems they are preparing for you to fight back. Now why would you do that?