Police Accused of Faking 911 Calls to Enter Homes

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A Durham police officer admitted under oath that he lied in order to gain entry to a home and to serve an outstanding warrant.

He said he knocked on a resident’s door, claiming police had received a 9-1-1 hang up call.

Court officials say he told a District Court judge that it was a common practice within Durham’s police department.

If the officer’s claims prove to be true, it would be a clear violation of department policy and a violation of the Constitution.

Durham Police Chief Jose Lopez sent out an internal memo:

“Effective immediately, No officer shall inform a citizen that there has been a call to the emergency communications center, including a hang up call, when there in fact has been no such call.

Lopez didn’t rule out some form of discipline for officers found in violation of the department’s policy.



  • erica breit

    what cops lying and violating citizens rights? shocking ! (sarcasm)