Paul Ryan Bows to Saudis, Opposes 9/11 Victims

How to Beat Your Wife — LIKE A BOSS! 

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As the Senate moves ahead with a bill that would allow 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia if the classified pages from the Official 9/11 Report implicate them, Paul Ryan demurs. He wants to protect the Saudis — or more accurately bow and scrape to them as Obama does. What kind of a regime are we supporting here? We look at the recent public lashing of a blogger in Saudi Arabia and a Saudi national TV show that discusses how to beat your wife properly. We also look at the new Muslim Mayor of London, chiding Trump and his supporters as “ignorant” of peaceful Islam and the violent consequences he is inviting if he doesn’t let them all in. Finally, we look at the Pope who criticizes the idea that western countries would export democracy and civil liberty to Islamic countries but celebrates the new values that the Muslim Mayor of London brings to the west

How Does TSA Compare to Mexican Security?

Obama’s Executive Orders

 A recent traveller to Mexico compares how he was treated by Mexican airport security to our treatment at the hands of the TSA. He also discusses how they protected their President as he spoke at an event. 

Refugee Crisis Will Crash The Global Economy

The economic impact of the refugee crisis across the world is staggering and completely overlooked. As all signs point towards an engineered global economic collapse. In Germany. RT reports “ The German government will allocate nearly €94 billion for incoming refugees over the next five years. This includes housing, integration, German language courses and social welfare benefits, and dealing with the underlying causes of the refugee influx.

In February, Der Spiegel reported the German government expects 3.6 million refugees to enter the country by 2020, including the 1.1 million that arrived in 2015. To put this into perspective, Germany’s 2015 military budget was €36.6 billion.” And what does Germany get in return? 200,000 plus crimes by refugees were reported in 2015.

The jobless non assimilating refugees are doing the exact opposite of what was lauded as a positive economic boon. Jobless rate among refugees are weighing down on the welfare systems, where for example, in Greece, where they are heading for yet another bailout, refugees far outweigh the unemployed Greek citizens that were already under pressure with the fight to stabilize their economy.

Regardless, the handouts just keep coming out of the taxpayer’s pocket. Kurt Nimmo writes “The Belgian government awarded a convicted Al-Qaeda terrorist €78,000 (roughly $88,000) after the jihadist claimed his extradition to the United States violated his human rights. After being extradited to the US in 2013, Trabelsi complained he was exposed to “a risk of treatment contrary to Article 3 of the Convention” and that “the enforcement of the decision to extradite him had infringed his right of individual petition.The ECHR ordered to pay the jihadist no less than €90,000 (about US$100,000),” RT states. “His family, which lives in Belgium, had already received €11,000.”