Panama Papers: The Simpsons ‘Predicted’ Leak Of Offshore Data 20 Years Ago

Headlines around the world have been dominated by the leaked list of world leaders and influential political figures with tax-evading offshore accounts, as detailed in the ‘Panama Papers’.

The explosive allegations concerning how the rich and powerful were able to use tax havens to shield their wealth was uncovered overnight.

To many, the revelations have been shocking. But a Simpsons episode, written 20 years ago, has been dug up for containing humorous parallels to the leaked information.

It comes from an episode called ‘Bart the Fink’ aired in 1996, when Bart Simpson exposes Krusty the Clown as a tax fraud.

In one scene, a Cayman Islands bank manager is quizzed on Krusty’s account held in the notorious tax haven.

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