Oregon Wants to Install a GPS “Mileage Tracking Device” in Cars to Tax Per Mile

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

Device “Logs Your Trips” and Allows You to Compete With Other Drivers For Efficiency.

The state of Oregon has launched a new program called OReGO, which requires participants to install a GPS unit in their vehicle that charges them per mile instead of per gallon at the pump.

OReGO implies that cars have become more efficient and as a result, less tax money has come in to repair roads and bridges in their video titled “What is OReGO”.

The volunteer program is very unlikely to entice electric car owners. Electric vehicles obviously pay no fuel tax because they do not operate using a taxed fuel. So programs like OReGO want to tax them and generate revenue for the state.

The video claims “we pay for our roads whenever we fill up at the pump, it’s called the gas tax. But as cars and trucks get better gas mileage, they use less gas and pay less money for road and bridge maintenance. And some cars don’t use any gas at all. What to do? Introducing OReGO. A new way to take care of our transportation system. With OReGO you put a simple device in your car and drive. Instead of paying per gallon at the pump, you pay 1.5 cents for every mile you drive. ”

The OReGO program also “logs your trips” and allows you to “compete with” other drivers to “see who the more efficient driver is.” This gives the state of Oregon access to sensitive information about your trends, locations you like to hang out, interests and acquaintances.

Other issues include the devices incapability to tax appropriately due to the monitoring devices inability to differentiate between public and non-public roads. In their FAQ section OReGO claims that “the devices are still in development, and later on some devices will be able to differentiate between non-public and public road usage.”

The OReGO website gives more details about their volunteer program:

  • OReGO volunteers will pay a road usage charge for the amount of miles they drive, instead of the fuel tax.
  • The OReGO road usage charge is set at 1.5 cents per mile.
  • Volunteers will get a credit on their bill to offset the fuel tax they pay at the pump.
  • Volunteers will have their choice of secure mileage reporting options offered by OReGO’s private-sector partners.
  • Volunteers’ personal information will be kept secure and private.
  • The first phase of OReGO is limited to 5,000 cars and light-duty commercial vehicles.

OReGO published that other states are interested in creating tax per mile programs including California, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Maine, Delaware and Florida

Future plans may include increased taxes for driving during rush hour or trend targeted advertisements.

Will you be signing up for OReGO?

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  • whitehawke

    “OReGO implies that cars have become more efficient and as a result, less tax money has come in to repair roads and bridges….”

    Then just raise the tax, you morons!!