Oregon Police Slap Boy While Helping Human Services Take Him From Mother


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Kristan T. Harris | August 06 2013 | 1:13 am

The Eugene, Oregon police department was helping Department of Human Services take this child from his mother because a former boyfriend had somehow obtained custody. The boy who did not want to go and refused to leave was backhanded by the police officer for biting him in an attempt to escape.

The question you must ask is what would happen to you if you slapped your child in front of human services or a police officer?

If any adult in a uniform came up to me as a kid and assaulted me, by grabbing my wrists and dragging me someplace I would definitely protest for self protection. Perhaps the uniformed man is a security guard, perhaps he’s a pedophile, perhaps he’s a killer, perhaps he’s an ice cream man. In this case he was a police officer. Just because you have a uniform on does not  mean you deserve respect.

Hitting children, especially ones who are not yours, is not alright. If they do not want you to do it what makes it o.k. for someone else to slap your kids up?



  • Elise

    ONE thing that bothers me here is that the boy was calling out HELP and nobody was helping him…WTF people, were are you???

  • Jerry

    He only slapped him?…he needed to have whipped his a$$ …just like they do in Singapore! As a matter of fact, probably 1/2 those people in the video needs it too!
    Don’t get me wrong, I think we are becoming a police state BUT the kid should had come along and not caused any trouble.

  • Samantha case

    I Pray that that baby gets to go home to his momma, and that cop who smacked him get charges pressed against him and he loses his job. Anytime during any domestic dispute when one admits to hitting another that person goes to jail. This officer needs to go to jail and that child was plenty old enough to tell who he wanted to live with. This is crazy and scary that the police if they have a court order can come and take your child without knowing anything about you or the situation.

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  • Catherine

    Oh please. First of all that camera was shaking so much you couldn’t tell if the kid bit him or not… and he BARELY tapped the kid… If a child was sinking his teeth into me I would do the same especially if I was trying to keep the kid in line so I could get him out of what could’ve been a volatile situation. The amount of F- bombs thrown out there by the kids and the lady holding the phone… gotta love the part when she says “yeah, the took my kids away too” Gee lady wonder why.. They were all trying to deter and prevent the Officer from doing his job… Everyone needs to calm down saying this was a smack it most certainly wasn’t.

  • Robert

    It’s okay,that was Officer Wayne Brady and he had to slap a bitch.

  • What a load of crap , it was a reflex. the chick running the camera is so illiterate it sickens me and the rest of the ignorant foul mouth idiots in the video needed pepper sprayed.

  • Frank Hartmann

    uhm… this is USA, the land where 11 yo boys go to jail because they helped their 9 yo sister to pee in the trees. So wtf are you wondering about?

  • thundar12

    Look the police have a job to do and of course the child does not want to go! I’m retired Army and this is a police country I don’t trust are government and I feel like most of the young police let the badge and power go to there head! The police officer should have handled it different he did not have to back hand a little boy!

  • By law you are aloud to smack your child in the face with an open hand and on the rear end! If these people acted like parents and not a bunch of dope heads wanting their children for more welfare, and of course the children wanted to be there their so called mom is so out of it they can do whatever! By God if my child or anyone elses bit me I’d probably slap them too. Biting is an assault slapping with an open hand isn’t.This country is going to hell due to parents like this all doped up kids doing whatever, cussing like drunk pirates, disrespecting everyone.
    parents not taking responsibility wanting to sue everyone for everything but I’ve seen animals who raise their babies better then most parents today!

  • Hahahahah

    someone please fuck that kid talking up. Dumbass cunt

  • Dawnetta schmer

    all those people stood by while that poor little boy cried for help, and so maybe he did bite the cop so what he’s 8 yrs old that’s his only defense no one came to help him! he was scared!I wanted to hug him and bring him home with me! please keep us updated on this!

  • Perry Oliver Smith

    Samantha case. In Oregon a kid cannot choose who to live with until they are 18. They are allowed to voice an opinion IN COURT but it does not determine where they go. And it’s crazy and scary that an officer takes a court order from a judge and follows instructions? Really…

  • Perry Oliver Smith

    And Samantha, you pray that the kid gets returned to his momma huh? So what if she is selling/using meth. Should the cops just hand the kid over to her because she tells them she’s a good parent? Kids are removed from meth houses in Oregon DAILY. Unfortunately most of those kids being removed are done so in the middle of a bust. So maybe you think this would be the least traumatizing method of removal? After watching the video there is no doubt in my mind that any child removed from that white trash breeding ground would be better off.

  • Bottom line…..This cop should have gone to jail just like anybody else in the whole US of A that would have been arrested for the same fucking thing!!! Dont wanna hear the “F” word out of kids? Then go to another country where freedom of speech doesnt exist!….That cop is a coward and a pussy!!!! Also….sounds like the judge in this case needs to be taken off the bench and slapped by this “slap happy” cop!!!