Operation Mockingbird: CIA-Scripted & Bribed Propaganda

Today, political pragmatism is devoid on the path of replete, liberally-inclined media outlets. Other than conspiring elitists and authoritarians, how did the intimate and abhorrent liaison of federal government (the Central Intelligence Agency) and libel reporters materialize? Frank Wisner, director of the covert Office of Policy Coordination (OPC) CIA compartment, was commissioned to engineer ‘Operation Mockingbird’ in 1948. This initiative, engrossed in fabricating “propaganda, economic warfare, [and] subversion against hostile states [communism]” divested autonomic cognition by means of implanting the CIA’s viewpoints concerning the political climate into the masses. By 1953, upwards of three-thousand vulturistic and euphemistic excuse-of-journalists (from twenty-five plus print and wire complexes) were courted and bribed into the Central Intelligence Agency’s money-laundering ruse. Once Wisner’s machination emerged in the mid-60s and early-70s, novels and documentaries (to be desperately, pathetically, and failingly suppressed by the CIA) entreated a renaissance of public revelation and deluge of interrogation.

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