Obama’s Hating On America World Tour

Remember when the American President boldly proclaimed a respect of liberty and the freedoms expressed in the Constitution of The United States?

Well take a look at who is steering the ship today.

The NWO Panderer in Chief. Obama was in Vietnam transferring the prospect of slashing tariffs on products imported into the United States. Aggressively pushing a Multinational Corporation sovereign killing trade deal linking 40% of the global economy into a full blown smackdown on the already struggling U.S. economy. The LA Times writes “ Ordinarily, a presidential administration would wait until Congress ratifies a trade agreement before putting it into force with member nations. But with just eight months left in office and presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders all against the deal, Obama and his advisors appear to have concluded that they must speed up that lengthy process to preserve the trade pact.”

Our President is blatantly taking this country down and spreading his bellyful of total loathing for America across the globe. This is the same President that signed the NDAA in the middle of the night after threatening to veto it guaranteeing that American citizens can be whisked away by the authorities without any explanation….much less their rights. The same President behind a draft to install a government official into each home to oversee your children. The same President that lied his tail off to get into office in order to enact globalist NWO directives while simultaneously rewarding the corporate demons running the Central Banks with toppled regimes and more central banks. The first President in U.S. history to not see a single year of 3% GDP growth.

That is who was apologizing to Japan and Vietnam for the rhetoric of Donald Trump.

Say what you want about Trump. Howbeit, you are an absolute fool if you can’t stomach the facts and realize that Obama is 1000 times worse. In years to come, If the United States is still here. We will be adamantly apologizing for electing President Barack Obama to two terms.

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