NOT NORMAL: Oregon Rancher Killing Highlights Police State Dehumanization

The guy never even had a speeding ticket…

I was going to record a whole video pointing out inconsistencies etc. in this shooting but after watching all these analyses and seeing this scene over and over, I just couldn’t. I broke down after recording this, wishing we could all build a time machine and go back to that made up place in cartoons where everything is abstract thought.

We live in a technocratic scientific dictatorship police state. Humanity is being dehumanized so fast they do not even realize it.
Police state killings like this one have become such a regular occurrence, such a regular sight that everyone casually discusses them like they would discuss hairstyles or what to have for lunch.

Don’t let this become normal to you. Don’t become desensitized and accept this as normal. It. Is. Not.

Check out this footage for even better resolution here:

For more on the crazy ass martial law going on up in Oregon right now, check this post out from the Finicum family lawyer on Sibel Edmonds’ site:

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