No, The Confederate Flag DOES NOT Stand for Racism or Slavery

Chris Perkins | AuthenticEnlightenment

While so many people have been arguing back and forth about the Confederate Flag for the past week or so, I’ve mostly just sat back and ignored it. After all, it’s pointless to argue about a damn piece of cloth. I’ve seen people get called some of the worst names in the book, mostly because they actually know what the flag really means. I have even seen a few death threats!

Sure, back in those days racism, slavery, hatred and white supremacy were popular, those times were much different. But were they?

We still see racism, whether people want to believe or admit it, it’s there. We’re always going to have racists on this planet, you can’t expect to change everyone, nor can you force them to. The only person you can change is yourself, you can’t change anyone else. Sure, you can give all the help you can, but ultimately it’s the person who has to change themselves. Most of us know that the mainstream media pushes a lot of the race garbage, but the people still eat it up, unfortunately.

We still see slavery. What most people don’t realize is the Civil War, along with President Lincoln, who was a very obvious dictator, didn’t plan on abolishing slavery. They planned enslaving every person via the 14th Amendment. An Amendment not many people know the full meaning of, and they succeeded. Each of those original colonies had their own system of self-government until the start of ‘northern aggression’ when the northern states began trying to usurp authority over the southern states. This is where the word confederate came from. Break it down, go back to simple English class and break that word down. It means anti-federalist. Anti-Federal Government. Against the US Federal Government. There is nothing on the flag that shows anything to do with racism, slavery, hatred, or white supremacy. In the next paragraphs, I will explain what it means.

First what you need to know is, all those states did not fly that same flag. The flag you see everyone making a fuss over right now, is technically the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia. I want you to look at the flag for a minute.

The thirteen stars stand for the 13 colonies. Those 13 stars lay in an ‘X’. That ‘X’ is basically saying, those 13 states do not belong to the Federal government. The southern states withdrew from the union in a movement called “secession”, this is what pissed Lincoln off, because it was going to ruin his plan. There is nothing racist about that. What someone wants to make the flag mean to them, is their choice, but if you’re going to try to tell me that it’s about racism, slavery, hatred, and white supremacy, I’m going to call you ignorant. I’m also going to tell you that if you want to go down this road, you better be prepared to compare it to the US Flag.

Flags are flags, they are a piece of cloth. Seeing people get so bent out of shape about all of this just shows me how easily distracted people get over pointless debates, which the criminals in DC love! So if you are waiving a US Flag around while complaining about the “Confederate” flag, you better be doing some studying.

It’s really that simple….

Next thing you’ll know, people are going to start thinking the Earth is flat again… oh wait…

Chris Perkins is chief editor and writer for Authentic Enlightenment and host/producer of Authentic Enlightenment Radio on the CAV Radio Network

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