Recently, CNN’s Don Lemon sparred with Constitutional champion Sheriff Clarke over the exploding war on police.

The argument between Lemon and Clarke is a perfect example of the tug of war over the perception of the statistics of police violence versus a particular race. Furthermore, the argument displays the divide between the people of the United States and the full blown propagandized media’s intent to foment division among the common citizens of the United States.

And that intent is becoming more and more apparent. Comedian and Actor Kevin Hart recently pleaded with other celebrities to speak out on his Instagram. Hart wrote “ I’m asking that my other fellow celebrity/friends/entertainers/producers/writers/directors/athletes all take a day out of your schedule to simply talk and try to come up with a solution. I don’t want to see a WAR in any way shape or form….I want to see change…I want to see the justice system change..I want to see people walk the streets without fear…The changes have to come from the top….If we ban together we can be heard in a tasteful way….I promote nothing but love And I will not be able to call myself a man/father if I stand by and let hate win!!!! We can do better people…Don’t let the media force a race war…Lets be smarter than that. LIVE,LAUGH & LOVE. Violence is not the answer sincerely K. Hart

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