New Toddler Toy Wand “Evil Stick” Dipicts Hidden Image of Child Slitting Her Wrists

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

A  Dayton, Ohio dollar store product named ‘EVIL STICK’, is causing alarm in at least 1 local community.  The wand is decorated with pink lettering, fairies, swirls and snowflakes  on the packaging ensured it would catch the eye of toddlers.
The wand releases an evil laugh when activated and looks like a mostly harmless toy until you remove the foil over the flower pedals.

So what is under the foil?  Well according to mother Nicole Allen, “It’s a picture of a girl slitting her wrists. I’m outraged over it,” the upset consumer told WHIO.


The store’s owner, Amar Moustafa, said it was up to parents to properly read the toy’s label. The store owner defended carrying the product geared towards toddlers, “The name on it, it says “Evil Stick”,’ he noted. “So from the name, if I was buying it for my kid, I would inspect it before I gave it to them.”

He added that he felt it would be suitable “for a five, six, seven, 10-year-old, I mean they see that on TV everyday.”

The wand remains on sale at the store.