New “Smart Lights” Allow NSA To Spy on You Using LED Technology

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

smartlightNew cutting edge LED bulbs will now be able to send and receive data. These LED lights have been dubbed “Smart Lights”.

The new LED bulbs will have the ability to read your license plate, listen in to your conversation, monitor your movements,  detect the weather and even sniff out a dirty bomb, claims CBS. This raises questions about privacy.

Hugh Martin president of Sensity, the company who developed these new Smart lights claimed -“There is a motion sensor in each individual light.”

So ultimately, the Smart Light technology will one day create a seamless global network grid to track every place we go, everything we buy, everything we do, everything we say and who we are with all the time.

There are about 4 billion outside lights in the world today. Imagine all of those lights connected in a global network .

It also brings into question has this been the plan all along? Former Republican President George W. Bush approved regulations as a condition of an energy bill he signed into law in 2007 banning all incandescent light bulbs by 2014.

Which subsequently allow you to have privacy in your home if you did not want to use one of these energy saving LED light bulbs that spy on you.