New Research Says Not Getting Enough Sunlight Is As Deadly As Smoking

Benson Sam | HigherPerspectives

An astounding study was recently published in the Journal of Internal Medicine. It revealed that sunlight deficiency could be as dangerous as habitually smoking cigarettes. 29,518 female participants were selected from 1990 to 1992.

They assessed the different risk factors for all-cause mortality( such as sun exposure), within a 20 year follow up of the Melanoma in Southern Sweden (MISS) cohort.

“Women with active sun exposure habits were mainly at a lower risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and noncancer/non-CVD death as compared to those who avoided sun exposure. As a result of their increased survival, the relative contribution of cancer death increased in these women… Compared to the highest sun exposure group, life expectancy of avoiders of sun exposure was reduced by 0.6-2.1 years.” Source

It turns out that sunlight increases longevity and in doing so increases the potential cancer risks. The longer you live, the greater the risk for you to develop cancer. Also, the sunlight exposure has to be raw, no sunscreen, and that increases your chances of skin cancer. So, if this method increases cancer risks how is it worth it? CVD is the number 1 killer in the developed world, and sunlight is proven to specifically decrease the CVD risk. So the lengthen life is worth the increased cancer risk as it would happen anyway.

“Nonsmokers who avoided sun exposure had a life expectancy similar to smokers in the highest sun exposure group, indicating that avoidance of sun exposure is a risk factor for death of a similar magnitude as smoking.Source

Sunlight is often seen as a dangerous element to be avoided. In fact, many aren’t aware that the screen solutions used to ‘protect them’ are worse than the potential risk of skin cancer. For the deficiency to be considered as dangerous as smoking, which claimed six million deaths a year has profound implications for health awareness.

Though seen in a unwarranted negative light, sun light has many proven and well documented benefits. The most common circulated fact is the reaction of the Sun’s rays on our skin helps us produce vitamin D. Once created and active vitamin D becomes a hormone that helps to regulate gene expression, produce vitamin B, promote muscle and bone health among other roles.

Dr. Gerald Pollack, has spearheaded new research that proposes the the energy the from the Sun drives the cellular genetics of the biomachinery of our bodies through non-ATP dependent processes. (See the video below for more information) Basically, the Sun can charge the the water molecules in our body like trillions of microscopic batteries.

The implications of all this information are far reaching. It has certainly dealt a blow for a return to natural living. Humans evolved in the sunlight, it makes sense that without it our bodies suffer.

Check out Dr. Pollack’s TED talk, which details how humans might be able to exploit light energy. He proposes humans may be able to live off sunlight instead of chemically created energy.


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