New Poll: Half Of Wisconsin’s Registered Voters Support Full Legalization Of Marijuana


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Written by:  Kristan T. Harris | November,19

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In a statewide poll taken at the end of October  by the Marquette University Law School showed that 49.7 % of Wisconsin’s registered voters are ready for full legalization of cannabis with only 44.9 percent opposed and 4.7 unsure or felt they needed to be better educated. Constitutional Sheriff Richard Mack joined The Rundown live last week and said the “War on Drugs” is a failure.

South Milwaukee Republican Branch Chair and libertarian Mike Murphy spoke in favor of legalization of Marijuana yesterday on The Rundown Live suggesting that in all his years in active law enforcement he has never had to get into a violent altercation with someone because they where “on Marijuana”.  This would provide Milwaukee with some much-needed relief for our under staffed police.  They could then focus on violent crimes instead of victimless crimes.

Legalization of Cannabis would allow Wisconsin to stop criminalization of our youth. We tell our children if they smoke marijuana it will ruin their lives. Then we arrest them for smoking pot and subsequently ruin their life.   A felony makes it harder for an individual to get a job or get into school. Ultimately making it harder for them to turn their lives around often for a victimless crime. Do we treat alcoholics like that? Felons involved in victimless marijuana crimes subsequently can get jobs more easily allowing for less dependence on welfare in the inner city where Marijuana is most popular.


America has spent annually more than $51,000,000,000 in the U.S. on the war on drugs. 

More courts, more prisons, is not “conservative” or  less government. The Private Prison System has become to lucrative and is now demanding a 90% incarceration guarantee from states nationwide. What kind of honest verdict will you get from a judge who is pressured to keep a prison  at 90% capacity at all times? Some judges are even resorting to texting defending attorneys on how to defeat defendants in court! This is another example of why we need a separation of corporation and state. We should not be putting people in prison for victimless crimes.

More people die from the war on drugs than drugs themselves. Marijuana is no exception to this statistic. So if the point is to save lives, and your greatest chance of dying from marijuana is when the DEA breaks down your door, we have an illogical result. We need to discuss cannabis reform.

Lets not forget marijuana is as American as APPLE PIE.
George Washington smoked Marijuana and owned “Hemp Farms” as well as Thomas Jefferson. Abraham Lincoln liked to smoke Cannabis on his front porch according to his diary.
James Madison, Andrew Jackson and Benjamin Franklin all are listed as leaders who smoked Marijuana as well.

So  why Is Marijuana illegal? Get educated.