New Ford Ad Shows MRAP


Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live10547436_10152174883077441_5513425426507178468_n

As I was browsing Facebook I came across an interesting advertisement.

It was a Ford ad which contains what I believe to be an MRAP in the background.

I found this to be interesting for a number of reasons, including the subtle placement.

Could this just be showing off the power of a good ole’ America PowerStroke engine, or is a hidden message?

These types of propaganda have been proven to influence subconscious thought, even implanting thoughts of say ‘acceptance‘.

Is this another example of the coming fate of America?

Police state style militarization in ads means one thing to me, that’s propaganda.

But hey, maybe they just want good ole’ boys to think they can tow a MRAP with their SuperDuty.



  • jay mar

    No Powerstroke in the F-150