New Era Detroit Fed, Gave Water to Hundreds in Flint 11/25: Chanting “I Love Black People”

“Make history daily. Will you be remembered for banging on your own people or will you be remembered for fighting this oppressive system to gain freedom, independence and liberation for your people? The choice is yours.” – Keith Horton, New Era Detroit.

New Era Detroit held an event in Flint, Michigan on November 25th in which they gave 40,000 bottles of water, 100 backpacks, 875 hot plates, 75 pairs of shoes, turkeys, diapers, and toys to the people of that community. Former Detroit Pistons basketball player Rasheed Wallace helped by donating 100 backpacks and school supplies.

They chanted “I love black people,” raised spirits with a marching band, and showed true love to the community of Flint again, after having already given over 1 million bottles of water to Flint previously.

New Era Detroit has a revolutionary discipline, a strength, an uncompromising determination that should serve as inspiration to all activists.