New Drone Equipped with 3D printer Will Create Mini-Drones Throughout Mission

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

The British defense business BAE Systems and the Ministry of Defense released information that future drones will have the ability to create mini-drones throughout a mission and be armed with laser cannons.

The on board 3d printer will produce mini-drones that will repair damage to the mother drone. Undoubtedly, the drone will have the ability to print mini-weaponized drones as well.

Engineers from BAE suggest that installing a printer aboard an aircraft which would allow printing full-scale drones mid-flight as well.

BAE believes this could create “the ultimate adaptable task force, with a lead aircraft able to enter any unknown scenario and quickly manufacture an effective tool set for any task” the UK Guardian reports.

BAE Systems concept designsScience fiction nerds will be entertained by the laser gun concept presented by the aerospace and defense.

A drone equipped with a laser gun will have the ability to destroy enemy missiles at the speed of light.

However rain, dust and turbulence would interfere with their technology.

One project concept is called the transformer, an obvious comparison to the children’s 80’s cartoon.

In the concept video below you will see how the units separates and connect to a mother drone.