Navy SEALs Special Ops Trained for 2 Weeks in Florida’s Urban Environments

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

For the last two weeks, several locations in Broward County, Florida have been used for an elite U.S. military group, training for “urban environment” missions.

Naval Special Warfare Command’s development group used exploding devices, simulated ammunition, and had civilians acting as innocent bystanders, with low-flying combat helicopters overhead.

Special Operations Command spokesman Kenneth McGraw stated,  “The training is not in preparation to conduct a specific, real-world, contingency plan

Local police and sheriff’s deputies helped with coordinating the different stages.

The secrecy of the special warfare‘s development group (DEVGRU) — formerly known as the legendary SEAL Team Six.

Urban warfare special operations training isn’t new in Florida. In 2011, helicopters startled many high-rise building residents.